When Lives Are
On the Line,

You Need The
Armor Advantage!


We begin with some of the most amazing raw materials on the planet. Developed by the Department of Defense, USA, the highly specialized raw material we utilize as a base for our product development, cannot be exported as a raw material.

Under license and registration, Armor Advantage is the ONLY company approved to utilize this raw material to produce finished goods and export them for Armor purposes.

This material, only one quarter inch in thickness, provides the penetration resistance of well over five inch thickness of regular steel! This advancement in technology provides our product at a weight and cost only Five Percent the amount!

Because this material is proprietary, we are not at liberty to disclose its composition, but we can reveal the capability of our finished product.

To demonstrate the capability, we have assaulted the base material with virtually every rifle round in existence. We have provided the results relative to each product.

The image provided above clearly shows the result of our .50 caliber tests into one quarter inch thick material:

Four rounds of .50 caliber Beowolf, at 300 yards, produced indentation... but zero penetration!

Two rounds of .50 caliber, 750 grain, BMG, FMJ were then fired at 800 yards, and stuck into the plate...
but did NOT penetrate!

This is amazing material, and our patented compositing process only serves to enhance the raw material's capability!