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Patriot Armor

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Product Details

Do you want to keep some armor handy in case of emergency? The Patriot Armor is compact and easy to store, and ready for use on short notice should the need arise. The affordable price makes Patriot Armor a practical choice for protecting the whole family in case of crisis.

Patriot Armor is our entry level armor, combining impressive stopping power at an affordable price. Patriot Armor is easy to put on and can be ready in seconds. Patriot Armor provides front and back protection, and is capable of protecting against high powered hunting rifles, including the massive 30.06.

Watch this video for a demonstration!

Design Notes:

Patriot Armor was designed to be easy to use, affordable to purchase, yet still provide superior armored protection, even against the powerful 30.06 hunting rifle. Many of our clients keep a set of Patriot Armor in the trunk of their car or bedroom closet for quick access should the need arise. Despite being our entry level armor system, Patriot Armor has saved lives, including a good friend who has since joined the Armor Advantage team!

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