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Urban Ninja Armor

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Product Details

Do you want to wear armored protection without anyone knowing? The Urban Ninja lets you blend in with the people around you, and should the need arrive, survive devastating attacks with confidence. Our simple velcro strap system makes the Urban Ninja easy to wear and adjust for comfort.

Our minimalist design makes our Urban Ninja body armor easier to conceal than other armor systems while also providing superior stopping power. Our light weight design, wide straps, and improved weight distribution, lets you comfortably wear the Urban Ninja all day. But don’t let the thin design fool you. The Urban Ninja is capable of protecting against high powered hunting rifles, including the massive 30.06.

Watch this video for a demonstration!

Design Notes:

The Urban Ninja was developed to solve the problem of urban protection. Since it is problematic to wear armor in most urban situations, we focused on maximum concealability and protecting against most instant-kill attacks to the heart, lungs, and spinal cord. The minimalist design reduces weight and visibility, while improving maneuverability and comfort.

It was also important to develop an armor that could stop the heaviest of attacks while also being comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

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